July 28, 2022

Why Isn’t My Texas Home Selling?

That’s the question you keep asking yourself several months after you have listed your house on the market. Selling a house today requires a tremendous amount of hard work, financial commitment, and, most importantly, patience. Even if you hire a top-notch realtor and make the necessary home improvements, there are no guarantees that you will find a buyer.

There are several reasons why your house isn’t selling: poor real estate market, too much competition, asking price, or location. Whatever the reason, you need to sell your house fast and can wait no longer. Below, we look at 6 reasons your Texas home isn’t selling and what you can do to land a deal quickly.

1. The Texas Real Estate Market Is Not Ideal

Many people view the Texas real estate market as ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ However, it is possible not to sell a house in a good real estate market. Why? Because the market doesn’t agree with your particular property. The market could be going through a trend that your house doesn’t fit in. Or the market could be shifting to another part of town away from your house. 

Regardless of the reason, you may need to make some adjustments to your house to meet the current market standards. The question is whether you can make those types of adjustments. Can you afford repairs? Should you lower the price? You may be in a situation that prevents you from making the upgrades or changes to the house.

2. The House Needs Some Work

The condition of the home you’re selling plays a large part in whether or not you get any offers. A real estate agent has trouble selling a home that is out of date, even in a strong market, because potential buyers don’t want to deal with issues such as

  • Having to do renovations
  • Paying more to restore a home
  • Hidden fees and issues that come up when renovating
  • Not moving in right away due to home improvements
  • Living in a construction zone as they make repairs

A home that needs repairs or cosmetic updates becomes a project for potential buyers. While some house hunters are DIYers ready to take on the challenge, most will find it overwhelming. However, you may not have the money readily available to make the necessary repairs or upgrades.

3. Legal Issues Are Preventing the Sale

Legal issues can often put a stop to selling a house. For instance, you may be going through a divorce and can’t agree with your ex-spouse on if, how, or when to sell the house. If your family is going through probate, a legal dispute can derail any plans you have to move the property quickly. You may need to resolve these types of issues before selling the house.

Other issues that can keep you from selling your house include bankruptcy or foreclosure. The bank may be trying to repossess the house before you can sell it. Plus, you are looking for a way to sell the house without hurting your credit or paying the remainder of the mortgage balance after the sale. 

4. You Chose the Wrong Realtor

Home sellers often choose a realtor based on a referral from a friend or coworker. Since they are not real estate experts, they may not know how to assess a realtor’s performance or use criteria to find the right candidate. Before you choose your realtor, did you ask the following questions?

  • What is the average number of days on the market for home sales in my area?
  • What is the average number of days for my agent’s most recent home sales?
  • How do my agent’s marketing materials compare to other houses for sale in my area?
  • How is my communication/relationship with my current agent?
  • Does my agent have experience selling in my price point and neighborhood?

If you chose the wrong realtor, you might find that it’s taking much longer to sell your house than expected.

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